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Emergence: a conversation about belief, spirituality and questioning

As the world is becoming increasingly chaotic and civilizations as we know them begin to decline, order begins to take shape.  The tension we feel so deeply is the space between these two stories, one in apparent demise and the other being birthed.  Order follows chaos and vice versa.

The beliefs that supported the old may no longer help people adapt to the emerging world.  As much as we want things to stay the same we learn the universe is always in flux, always creating new.  This is certainly true of trying to understand one’s spirituality.  Who am I?  Why am I here?  As these questions emerge it appears one of three things appear:

* Some people cease embracing those old beliefs, often blaming the
religions from which they come as inadequate, irrelevant, even part of the problem.

* Some people cling to those beliefs with great fervor and maintain     
    their loyalty to the religions that produced them.

* Some hold onto the beliefs they still find meaningful and go seeking new truths and thus new belief systems.   

At Wellspring, we believe this is a conversation worth having.  Is it possible to have a dialogue surrounding something that currently does not exist?  Let’s find out!  We are meeting at the Thoreau Center, 3500 Kingman Blvd., February 25th, from 5-7 pm.  We are serving a meal and will engage in dialogue.  Please RSVP (319-530-3781) so our chef knows how much food to prepare.  

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