Youth Programs

Wellspring youth meet at 9:00 AM Sundays, prior to Sunday Worship.

Youth and adults learn from each other as we reach out together to the world around us. Wellspring Community strives to empower our youth to live responsibly in our world.  Each year our youth actively select community service projects within our local community as well as globally.  Following is a sampling of regular activities, offerings, camps and conferences they have selected: Reggie's Sleep Out, Children and Family Urban Movement (CFUM), Church World Services, Diaper Drive, Summer Camps, Conferences and trips.

Reggies Sleep out  for Youth and Shelter Services

For several years now the youth have raised awareness and money at Wellspring to address the critical problem of youth homelessness in Central Iowa.  All proceeds benefit Iowa Homeless Youth Centers, which is a community-based program of Youth and Shelter Services, Inc.   Researching homelessness for teens, education about foster care services, and how to address transitions are key components of their presentation during a Sunday worship in October when they invite adults to help them with their concerns for homeless teens.

Community Service Projects

For the past 12 years, 6 times a year the youth have helped serve meals at CFUM Supper Club.  They have also led in collecting items for Church World Service Refugee Kits, DMARC Diaper Drive, and Personal items for homeless teens.

Summer Camps

Youth have attended a variety of Summer Camps and Conferences that provide them with tools for spiritual formation.  They converse, create, and commune with one another, God, and Creation.  They learn about the diverse world in which we have been called and what it means to love God with all our hearts, soul and mind and our neighbor as ourselves.

Heifer Ranch Camp

Youth attended Global Gateway, a program of Heifer International located at their Heifer Ranch in Perryville, AK.  ABC Metro Chicago supported this trip and youth from Warrenville Community Baptist church joined them. During the week they learned about sustainable agriculture in third-world country.  The activities included: team building to solve problems, milking goats, learning about clean water supplies, making cheese from the goat’s milk and products from honey and wax from their bee farm.  During the week the camp also included a third-world simulation experience for 24 hours in which nothing – shelter, food, water or cooking fuel- was taken for granted.  Participants prepared a meal with limited resources and spent a night in the Global Village.

Central High Museum, Little Rock, Arkansas

While in Arkansas at Heifer Ranch Youth also spent a day visiting Central High Museum in Little Rock, AK regarding the events of Brown vs. Board of Education.  In preparation for the trip each youth read Warriors Don't Cry, the memoir of the battle to integrate Little Rock's Central High School. The book was discussed throughout the trip and youth talked about the themes of justice and faith in the Civil Rights Movement.


Youth Chicago Trip

Youth gathered in Warrenville for a weekend recap of their experiences together at Heifer International and Central High Museum.  They reported to the ABC Metro Family Meeting as well as had some fun in the city.

Immerse: 2012 ABC National Youth Gathering in Washington D.C.

Building Communities of Hope was the theme of this ABC Youth Gathering.  Youth were involved in worship, Biblical Studies that centered on themes of justice and workshops that challenged their understandings of the possibilities youth can bring for change in our communities.   Youth also volunteered across the capital from washing feet and providing shoes for children to painting community service sites.