Worship with Wellspring at the Thoreau Center

3500 Kingman Blvd - Des Moines      

 10:00 a.m. Sunday Mornings

Nursery available for ages 0-5     Children's Church ages grades 1-5     Youth Group grades 6-12

Thoreau Center Door


Enter the story where you are able 


Who are we?  At Wellspring we value questions. 

Wellspring Community Church is a faith community reaching out to other progressive Christians.  Wellspring is reframing the possibilities of Christian faith.  We believe in the historical Jesus who came to show people the way to God through love, mercy, forgiveness and inclusion.  We believe faith is not a doctrine but a transformative experience that shapes the lens by which we see and live our lives.  The teachings of Jesus and questions relevant to our current realities, are integral to the culture of Wellspring.


Celebrating 20 Years!  

Wellspring Community Church, a theologically progressive church celebrating 20 years of exploring faith with an open conversation and an inclusive community.