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At Wellspring we value questions 


Who Are We?

Wellspring Community Church is a faith community reaching out to other progressive Christians in the Greater Des Moines Area. Wellspring is reframing the possibilities of Christian faith.  We believe in the historical Jesus who came to show people the way to God through love, mercy, forgiveness and inclusion.  We believe faith is not a doctrine but a transformative experience that shapes and reshapes the lens by which we see and live our lives of faith.  The teachings of Jesus, knowledge of the Scriptures, community reflection and questions relevant to our current realities are integral to the culture of Wellspring.

Mission Statement

Wellspring Community Church is a diverse and inclusive gathering of people whose motivation is based on Christian traditions, beliefs, and principles and whose mission is

  • To create a space where all feel safe and welcome
  • To name, nurture, and celebrate that spirituality found in each of our unique individual and collective stories
  • To envision and create possibilities for hope and renewal in our lives and in the local and world communities in which we live
  • To find inspiration and guidance from the Holy Spirit and Scriptures for experiencing life and becoming “sound and whole”

To remain flexible and responsive to our members and larger community, we intentionally direct our resources toward service and personal growth, rather than to the purchase and maintenance of property and real estate.

20 Years!  

We are celebrating 20 years of being a progressive Christian church in Des Moines.  Read more about our year of celebration here!