Children's Programs

Children are an important part of Wellspring.  They participate by serving, taking offerings and reading scripture.  Special programming for spiritual formation for our children includes the following:  Godly Play, Vacation Church School and the Christmas Posada Play and Celebration.

Godly Play

I wonder?  The Godly Play® curriculum uses this open-ended questioning to help children become more fully aware of the mystery of God’s presence in their lives. This discovery learning process establishes a foundation for talking about God that will serve them throughout their lifetime.

The time spent in Godly Play® is acknowledged as sacred. It is a ‘carved out’ time from busy schedules to invite children to explore their relationship with God. This learning opportunity includes the telling of the seminal stories of the Bible, taken primarily from the Hebrew texts and the Parables; sharing the feast; and selecting their own individual activities in response to the stories.

Vacation Church School

During the summer we provide a week of vacation church school for children in preschool-5th grade.  Our youth come to help us with the children under the guidance of our adults.  Staff develop curriculum to assure that it is responsive to the many learning styles of our children.  The week includes drama and art as well as interactive conversations in learning about the teachings of Jesus.

The Christmas Posada Celebration

ThePosada has become a favorite tradition at Wellspring.  It is a journey through the stories of Christmas, a celebration of the gift of Jesus and an affirmation of the hope and possibility each child brings to the world.  Each year we choose a different theme to weave into the story.  From the youngest to the oldest, everyone dresses up for the journey and brings a personal and joyous touch to the evening celebration.