A Welcome from our Pastor

The community at Wellspring provides an opportunity for those who attend to inquire, explore and name their faith journeys. To do this, we take time to worship, pray, and respond to the scripture reading for the day.  We also take time to affirm the children each Sunday during worship prior to Children’s Church.  Our intent in being a faith community is not to be “right” about God, but to seek to live in right relationship with God, our neighbors and our world.  

I am new to Wellspring, and what has struck me as beautiful and unique about this community of faith is the diversity of people who participate.  I enjoy the broad perspective offered in conversation as well as the provocative questions that arise which serve to broaden our understanding of the Christian faith. Worship at Wellspring is engaging. As those gathered offer their wisdom and their wonderings upon the day’s meditation, the community as a whole is enriched, and we continue to hope in the midst of despair and to work on behalf of justice in the midst of the chaos.  

Being inclusive in my ministry is a “Gospel” issue for me.  It is important that all who come to share the faith journey are included through the language and ritual of worship on a Sunday morning.  

I invite you to come and join us as we both celebrate and wrestle with the meaning of our faith.  If you have further questions or would like a conversation prior to attending please feel free to contact me at 515.360.7139 or email me at wendymusgrave@mac.com.

Blessings on the journey,