Creation Narrative

I created this video for Wellspring after my trip out west this summer.  I practically lived outside for four weeks, between writing, leading a retreat for Wellspring, and then going on vacation for two weeks.  I hiked, rafted, and drank coffee, ate breakfast, lunch and dinner outside.  

This summer the elements were constantly surrounding me and  reminding me of all of the energy of creation.  The energy of Wind, Water, Earth and Fire reminds us that we are small, yet connected to something greater than ourselves.  The mountains call me to be born into a deep and pervasive goodness that is greater than myself.   It make sense that people who spoke the narratives of creation lived close to the elements.  These words were not inspired by climate controlled environments but they were poetry and connections made to God through the elements of the earth that framed the context of their world and its connections to God and the realities of their lives.

Perhaps at Wellspring we can continue to reframe the possibilities of the Ancient Words spoken that at one time provided hope and transformation (rebirth) to a people who dreamed of justice under the vast expanse of sky and earth.    Naomi